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"I'm usually very organised", "It never happened to me before", "I don't understand how it could have happened". These are just few of the lines our Kyox Locksmiths of Hackney hear when they are called to take care of a locksmith emergency.

But years of experience have taught us that anyone can lock themselves out. There are a few types of lockout scenarios:

Lost keys - these cases usually happen during the evening. Kyox Locksmiths of Hackney is called by people who return home from a night at the local pub, and realise that their keys are missing. Sometimes, after a busy day at the office and a long commute home, a person discovers that his or her keys are still at the office. If you don't have a key left with your neighbour, you may have no choice but to call a local locksmith in Hackney.

A suddenly slammed door - these cases usually occur in early morning. When you're late for work, woke up late, or are on the phone while leaving the house and basically distracted. In these situations it is a common occurrence to close the front door and leave the keys on the inside of the door.

In both cases mentioned above, our technicians at Kyox Locksmiths of Hackney can provide an immediate response. We can pick the lock on your door in order to gain entrance to the property and guarantee that in 99% of lockouts we will open your door without any drilling using damage-free entry methods wherever possible, even if it takes longer.

Our emergency locksmiths in Hackney are known for their prompt 24-hour locksmith service all around London. So in case of a lockout, emergency lock repair or lock change, just give us a call on 020 8150 6248 and one of our experts will be with you in 30 minutes.

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